The Editors and Staff of the Suffolk University Law Review are chosen from the second- and third-year Day Division classes and the third- and fourth-year Evening Division classes. Students gain invaluable experience by writing their own works and editing the works of others. Under the supervision of an Editor, Law Review Staff Members develop their legal research, writing, and analytical skills in the course of writing a work of publishable quality. Law Review members may receive up to two credits per semester upon satisfactory completion of their Staff or Editorial duties. Please note that the information on this page is current as of the time posted, but is subject to change.

The Write-On Competition

This year’s competition will be held Sunday, May 14th to Sunday, May 28th.

The Write-On Competition generally takes place during a two-week period following the end of spring semester exams.  Students are advised to not schedule any vacations or make other plans in the two weeks after spring finals.

Students can access the case-in-chief and the competition instructions on Campus Cruiser once the competition begins.

For reference, sample case comments are available at http://suffolklawreview.org/tag/case-comments/, or in the library. Previous issues are available in the non-circulating periodicals on the 7th floor.

See the flyer for this year’s Write-On Competition here.

Law Review Eligibility

Submissions from students meeting the following requirements will be eligible for Law Review membership. (Please note that Write-On Competition submissions are due before grades and class ranks are available.)

  • The top three students with the highest grade point average from each of the first-year Day sections, and the top-ranking student from the second-year Evening Division, are automatically invited to become members.
  • Students entering the second-year Day Division must rank within the top 33% of their respective sections. Students entering the third-year Evening Division must rank within the top 33% of their Evening Division class.
  • Students entering the third-year Day Division or fourth-year Evening Division must rank within the top 33% of their class.
  • Students transferring from another law school, students transferring from the Evening Division to the Day Division, and joint-degree candidates may also be eligible. Transfer students must have ranked within the top 33% of their respective class.


For more information, please email the Editor-in-Chief, Chris Herbert.