46 Suffolk U. L. Rev. 13

Reforming Alimony: Massachusetts Reconsiders Postdivorce Spousal Support

PdfPDF by Charles P. Kindregan, Jr. · February-8-2013 · Categories: Lead Articles, Number 1, Print Edition, Volume 46

When John Adams wrote the Massachusetts Constitution during the American Revolution, he included a provision allowing for alimony awards in divorce cases.  Thus Massachusetts has recognized awards of spousal support longer than any other state.  From a national perspective, the evolution of alimony law began to undergo changes in the last half of the twentieth century in many states, including time limits on the obligation, use of rehabilitative orders, and greater flexibility to modify.  The introduction of equitable property division in divorce actions in the last decades of the twentieth century throughout the United States helped to reduce the need for alimony in many cases.  Changes in societal habits, including the growing ability of women to become self-supporting, played a [...]