46 Suffolk U. L. Rev. 287

Criminal Law—First Circuit Upholds Restitution Order Without Requiring Evidence of Defendant’s Causal Contribution to Victim’s Losses—United States v. Kearney, 672 F.3d 81 (1st Cir. 2012)

PdfPDF by Evan M. O’Roark · February-24-2013 · Categories: Case Comments, Number 1, Print Edition, Volume 46

In criminal cases, restitution for victims is typically limited to the losses that the defendant caused in the commission of the crime.1 Title 18, section 2259 of the United States Code requires courts to order restitution for victims of sexual crimes against children in “the full amount of the victim’s losses.” In United States v. Kearney, a case of first impression, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit considered whether a person depicted in child pornography was entitled to restitution under § 2259 from someone who had criminally possessed, distributed, and transported that pornography. The First Circuit concluded that the victim’s injuries were proximately caused by the defendant’s use of the pornography, and upheld the district court’s restitution order[...]